With a foundation in sewing, quilting, painting, and handwork, we found our way to wool dyeing organically.  The thrill of seeing a new colorful design emerge on our favorite fiber: wool, is the motivation behind our current line of hand-dyed products.  Our contemporary, abstract fabric which winks nostalgically at 1970s tie-dye and reflects our versions of Japanese Shibori folding techniques juxtaposes with carefully curated, vintage and antique chairs from the turn of the century to the mid-century.  The result is a refreshing mix of old and new, freeform and traditional -- a dialogue of style for our time.


We are a Mother and Daughter duo who love to find our way creatively together.  We have worked together for over 10 years building our online business at ohthisnose.etsy.com and we are excited to offer our new line of work here.  We have a lifelong interest in wool products.  Our local Pendleton Woolen Mills is a source of inspiration and shared regional history for our family.  Sustainability and Eco-sensibility are important to us, and we try to extend these values to our business by reusing, renewing, and recycling.  Art is essential!  We believe that everyday beauty enhances our world.  


We invite your comments and inquiries.  Thank you for visiting our website!


Jeanne and Julie

Fullerton Smith